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Finding top-notch talent just got a little bit easier

We understand how hard it is to recruit good talent in the ICT industry. There’s a lot of competition for the best people, and it can be hard to know if candidates have the qualifications they say they do. 

Until now.

The Australian Institute of ICT (AIICT) has developed the Industry Partner Program to support our students and to provide companies like yours with easy access to quality candidates with vendor-certified and nationally-accredited qualifications.

The Australian Institute of ICT (AIICT) is known for our leading range of Boot Camps, Certificates and Diplomas that provide quality vendor certified and nationally-accredited ICT training. And now we are offering companies the opportunity to recruit our talented graduates.

 Our new Industry Partner Program provides access to quality candidates who have completed one or more of our range of accredited courses and certifications, and are ready to put their new skills to work for you.

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Our Industry Partner Program

Get access to qualified entry-level professionals and career changers looking for a front-line role in the market

The AIICT Industry Partner Program is a dedicated platform designed to help our graduating students find organisations and employment opportunities. 

For companies, we’ve made it easy to find motivated and highly qualified candidates who are actively looking for opportunities in the industry. 

The platform is exclusive to AIICT graduates, so you know they have the knowledge and skills your business needs now and into the future.

Better Collaboration
Close collaboration between AIICT and your hiring managers to keep students motivated and engaged.

User Support
End-to-end user support and management for organisations and students.

Streamlines Recruitment
Simple and seamless recruitment process for your business to save you time and improve hiring outcomes.

Our graduates are available in the following streams:

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Qualified entry-level professionals and career changers looking for a front-line role.

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