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The demand for digital skills in Victorian businesses is growing rapidly. The Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs program is building a new talent pool of great people with digital skills to help meet this demand. 

Over the next three years up to 5,000 experienced and highly capable mid-career workers will be supported to transition into digital careers.

Victorian business that host interns for a 3 month internship will receive a $5,000 wage subsidy per intern, and gain access to the broader talent pool to find new recruits for digital jobs.

Candidates have completed a competitive 
3-stage selection process, and are newly qualified in one of the following subject areas:

What's the Digital Jobs Program about? 

Who are the candidates?

Get access to qualified entry-level professionals and career changers looking for a front line  role in the market

DDLS and the Australian Institute of ICT (AIICT) were recently successful in becoming an approved training provider of the Victorian Digital Jobs Program which is a 6-month program that takes experienced mid-career Victorians and helps them transition into digital careers. 

Participants will complete a 12-week industry-backed training program, followed by a 12-week paid digital internship, all while being supported with regular mentoring.

Each job-ready candidate is freshly trained in a digital skillset that's in high demand. Training courses are industry-backed and delivered by a small number of approved training providers, including DDLS’s online training division, The Australian Institute of ICT.  

Access To Top Talent
Qualified entry-level professionals and career changers looking for a front-line role.

Better Collaboration
Close collaboration between AIICT, Hudson and your hiring managers to keep students motivated and engaged.

Wage Subsidy
Participating businesses with a wage 
subsidy of $5,000 per intern.

Streamlines Recruitment
Simple and seamless recruitment process for your business to save you time and improve hiring outcomes.

What roles will they suit best?

Find the IT Talent 
that you need

Whether you need entry-level
professionals, or career changers
who have recently upskilled, this
is the best place to start.

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The first-round candidates are mid-career professionals bringing at least 5-10 years’ work experience, as well as valuable stakeholder and project management skills, life experience and diversity. The Victorian Government is 
working with AIICT and Hudson to deliver this program. To help facilitate the candidate matching process your details will be passed onto Hudson.

Most candidates will be suited to entry-level digital roles as their technical knowledge will for the most part be foundational. However, their years of professional experience will ensure they have valuable transferable and soft skills, positioning them for a faster trajectory than other entry-level candidate.

Digital Jobs Candidate Profile